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Choceň was historically a well known production center of composite and glass fiber components , especially for airplane industry. After 1989, there were created some new companies, based on this traditions and working on the traditional knowledge development. One of such companies was a KLN company, in 1989 a small family company, based mainly on experience and skills of former airplane company employees. As the company was groowing, the production of new composite components, mainly for big automotive producers – Karosa, SOR Libchavy and Berkhof from Holland, was coming. In 1996 the actual owner, Mr. Karel Klenor, started to construct a new production plant, because of in-sufficient capacity of the old plant. The company moved to the new plant in 1997. The production started to be realized inside unique production halls which were designed especially for the specific production of glass fiber and composite components. By the time the production range was enlarged by the most accurate airplane production.

In the middle of 2007 the responsibility on development, production and sales was transfered from KLN to the new company Composite Components . Composite Components use the traditions of Choceň region and KLN´s know how. Today here are working the best regional experts for the composites production, who are able to solve all the technological and production difficulties. The unique production halls, particularly specialized for airplane production, together with accurate workers, are the basic condition for the precise production of even the most complicated and specialized composite components.

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As employees of Composite Components company we understand, that the leading role in the development of any company depends on the connections with the main suppliers and on the respect to the wishes of customers. Therefore Composite Components is a strictly customer oriented company, where the development of all the activities (sale, technologies, production, quality management, …) is managed by the market and its needs.
If you are using for your final products any composite parts, we invite you to come and find out, that Composite Components is your ideal supplier.
If you are interested to see how the composite parts are produced or if you would like to cooperate with us on such production, we invite you to come to visit us.

Company COMPOSITE COMPONENTS a.s. have certifikate ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001.