Composite parts for automotive and aircraft industry

Composite materials were used for automotive and aircraft industry already before year 1989. After that time there were found several companies which used these kinds of materials. One of them were company KLN and their production were overtaken by company Composite Components a.s. in 2007.

In our factory we produce models and moulds from polyester which are used afterwards in the production of GRP parts. We used only high quality materials and therefore we are able to produce also the most sophisticated parts.
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Production of models and moulds

In our factory we are able to produce also models and moulds. Production of moulds can vary based on chosen production technology and such kind of production can be more difficult and complicated. This production is very fine and people must be skilled and experienced to be work in this department.

Production for aircraft industry

We produce components for ultra-light airplanes using carbon and carbon-kevlar fibres and epoxy resin. With this technology we achieve unique mechanical and weight parameters of the part. This is very skilled technology where is necessary to keep in detail technological process of production.

Products from polyester

In our factory we produce components from GRP for automotive and aircraft industry. Using of these sophisticated technologies for our production all polyester and composite parts achieve high quality and long live-cycle.