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The company Composite Components pays special attention to the quality. This is a traditional approach since the products of the company Klenor, later of the company Composite Components are designed for the aircraft and automotive industry where the quality is extremely emphasized because human lives depend on the quality and reliability of products, especially in the aircraft industry. Therefore in our company Composite Components every product passes several times through the quality checks between particular operations and finally all the components without exception pass through 100 % final quality control.

Checks and control measurements appear already in the initial stage of the model production, later the produced form is measured by means of a 3D laser measurement device and the measured value is compared to the 3D data supplied by the customer. This is the only way to achieve the top-grade quality and accuracy of a product.

Fig.: Measurement of the BOVA panel form

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Fig.: Measurement of the form and gluing tool for bumpers

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We assure the quality control and the expiration time of all the input materials. All the supplied materials are delivered with a certificate and attestation of the composition quality. Notwithstanding this assurance all the materials from each new batch delivered pass through checks to perform own measurements, e.g. viscosity measurements.

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To identify the products in the course of the production every product has its own bar code that is scanned and entered into the production and control management system for each particular operation which makes it possible to find out who performed a particular operation, when it was performed, which form and filler were used for the product. All this makes it easy to identify causes of a possible non-conformity or fault of a product and to set rights the faults in the production process.

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Finally, all the components without exception pass through final quality control.

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